Nepali Actor Rajesh Hamal Story

Whatever you are doing, you should read. Love is a blessing. It is natural to love one another, but it is a very big mistake to love blind people .Sometimes, what is learned from a few days ahead of the survey is that the love of school college is affected in more love. Which was […]

Know how to find other Wifi Password

This is kept hidden by hiding the password of WiFi, easily hacking … Everyone has the headphones in the current hiecake life. And there was no use of Internet access through 2G, 3G, FourG and WiFi provided by a mobile service provider. In such a way the password of a public (public) WiFi was discovered. […]

Nepali Swastani

Kumar commands. O Augusta Muni! One day, a good prince told her woman – ‘Hey! Now take measures to raise content for our wish to make a religion of worship. Apart from Mahadev and Sati, do the work of sending other daughters and flavors to the universe, including Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Sage, Yakas, Gandhvar, Shemales, […]

Avoid From Cockroach

Soap water The best way to kill chains is soappani. Soaps or samples of the snake are the fastest and easy to die .Changing soap in the body, it does not get air from outside. Due to the skin of respiratory skin, due to respiratory breathing, due to the soap of soap in the body, […]

Read a lot of horrifying love stories, even if it is busy, read it for two minutes

blind people .Sometimes, what is learned from a few days ahead of the survey is that the love of school college is affected in more love. Which was phone and facebook. What kind of happiness does this mean, loving the love of love lovingly lovingly. It is okay to be loved by seeing someone else. […]

A women Request A boy To Married

I work in a heated in America. There is a pistachio in Kathmandu. Due to the lack of home rent, we were grateful for the earnings of two older people. One day, Mr. K.K. Saunner came to know, and only a few days later, he got out of America. From that day, my husband started […]

Deepa shri Married In a Movie

This is the scene of the Ram Temple of Chhattisgarh. Where Deepalpindi Nayak Sanjog Koirala was the bride. However, it is not for real life. During the shooting of a tiger song video is displayed on Tuesday and the marriage of Sanjog. Interestingly, Sanjog Koirala is a boyfriend of Rana Panjka, a girl of Ragea […]

The heroine Rekha Thapa left Ranappa, Rana’s party

The line of the central member on Tuesday, the party has abandoned the party. The Rana Group, which is now open by the party, is affiliated with the RPP (Democratic). Referring to the Rana Group Entrance, the line told RPP that the line was selected by the line. Earlier, the Maoist was abandoned by Ramesh […]

army Planed Has been Crashed due to the rain

Up to eight miles [8 km] reached ruins According to the Disaster Management Officer, the KC-130 plane crashes in Flor County, leaving about 160 miles away from the capital of Mississippi’s capital. According to the authorities, the flights of the aircraft reached the lake of 8 miles [8 km] on both sides of the Lei […]

Sachita Shooting

He is now in Jhapa for the last night’s silence on the song ‘Radha’ in Shri Anu Pahala of Yogesh Ghimiri Ek Kat Katam. Through this film, Sandyita Nayak is appearing as a couple of life-longtime. Regarding working in the film, Sanchita did not share the screen with life. She is very happy to act […]

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