What are the benefits of dreaming? What dream do not you have to tell others? You know …

Dreams provide the first information about the future bad event. But we can not understand those signs. The ancient scriptures, Volmiki, Ramayana, Agni Purana etc. are described as a source of information about future events.

The world of dreams is interesting. Earlier, it was only limited to Puranas, History and Astrology, but today it has become the subject of research on psychology, medical science etc. Here are some information about this and some of its fruits.

What are the benefits of dreaming?

1. Garnage in the eye – physical pain

2. Seeing the hands of your own kitty – death of a close loved one

3. Watching a wilderness – Grieving

4. Fat Fatty See – Foods Get Inexpensive

5. To see dough basti – be expensive

6. See the goat – fear of the enemy

7. Seeing the politician’s death – trouble in the country

8. Watching the mountains shine – fear of getting sick

9. Seeing full food – come to the news of happiness

10. Seeing Tom – Detecting Secret

11. Seeing sleeping in the bed – get glory and reputation

12. Looking tired – trouble

13. Looking for green forest – please be happy

14. Seeing yourself flying – to get rid of any problem

15. Seeing small shoes – Fighting with a woman

16. Getting married with a woman – Getting money

17. Fighting – Be happy

18. Seeing the dead in the fight – to succeed in politics

19. Seeing the moon falling – having a problem

20. Seeing Moonlight – Any disease

21. Seeing your own teeth are broken – the problem grows up

22. Watch the door open – to be friends with someone

23. Watch the door to be closed – the money is nervous

24. Smoke – trade loss

25. Seeing the earthquake – The suffering of the child is painful

26. Seeing glasses – Knowledge increases

27. Seeing the lightning – Getting a new ancestor

28. Seeing meat – accidental money gain

29. Watching Pooja – The end of the problem

30. Seeing the flame of the fruit – The sum of the fastest money

31. Seeing white pigeons – friendship with the enemy

32. See the cats fighting each other – fight with the friend

33. See White Cats – Be Nervous

34. Seeing the hallmarks – Yoga in good fortune

35. See dung – Benefits on Animal Business

36. Watch the wilderness – increase the problem

37. Seeing a dead person – free of disease

38. Watching the car – finish the work

39. Watching gambling – benefits on business

40. Borrowing money – Extreme money is available.

41. Watching the eagle – Damage from the enemy

42. Seeing silver – getting money

43. Seeing a cousin – having a home fight

44. Seeing the wheat mixed in the field – gaining money

45. See the cork – news about someone’s death

46. Seeing a dog – Meeting an old friend

47. Seeing the water being found in the river – being a government benefit

48. See white flowers – get rid of any problem

49. See the red flowers – shine the fate

50. See the horse – the crisis

51. Seeing pearls – Yoga to get a daughter

52. Seeing the buried wealth – suddenly gaining money

53. Waterfall – The end of suffering

54. Seeing a check – checking heritage

55. Seeing water at the well – Money Benefits

56. Beautiful woman looking – success in love

57. Seeing Khukuri – Liberation from Crisis

58. See the moon – good news come

5 9. See map – success in a plan

60. See Nun – Benefits in Health

61. Seeing dry grass – problem in life

62. See Rudraksh – Good news come

63. Seeing heaven – Increase in physical happiness

64. See the Sun – Yoga to meet with a special person

65. Thickness – Growing greed


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