Do you have a sleeping bed on a mobile charge at night? Once read

No matter how bad you could have thought or heard about charging your mobile phone at night.

We all like to see the mobile flowers charging for the rise in the morning, but while charging the mobile in the morning, some people do not charge the night as they are afraid of the battery age. Even though the fear of being battery overcharge will disconnect the charger in the night and by no means. What is the truth? Harm. The battery used in modern smartphones and tablets is the lithium-ion battery. It has a circuit inside that closes the power itself after battery batteries charge.

You might have to remember the Ni may charge the charging of about 80% before the charging of mobile, and it will slow down later, it has not yet been charged for a smart circuit due to charging. As long as you keep the phone charged, the battery is no longer overcharge.

Now you know it’s obvious. Relax your friends. Now worry without worrying about the phone charging in the night.


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