The history of film sector, Palta Rudaparaya, followed by Hindi film itself and found many fans of love in three days.

Kamal Sargam
The film has been tagged in the halls by the film-based film Rudrapapala, while challenging Nepali cinema at the moment by following the Hindi movie.
The movie Rudraparia has played an episode in the whole country since the day of Lakshmi Puja. There is a crowd of viewers in all the halls of the country. In view of various scenes, the audience has come to see Rudrakaya, who says, “What a wonderful thing to do with this topic is to showcase the movie in the middle of the movie,” the line and the Aryan Love Story. Watching a movie and watching a movie “Someone else.” “See also Aryan and the line of the line only for watching .An NRI members who were sitting in the country of two queues, also interviewed the movie,” We want to show this movie out of the country. “Thapa, who made many public films, The story was someday. The viewers, who did not go to the social feminist movie, followed the line Re-using the RER rudrapriya itself into an audience response of the fans ligne piteki are not old, but many were coming to see the movie led journalists respond to our understanding.
Pair Aryan, who has ruled together in the Cine world for a long time, did not know as much as 8 years and did not even show up in the movies, but the film is going on challenging a single film sector.
Some family members came to see the film looking at the Dixs Home to see that the movie was good.
In the halls, the viewer’s perseverance was seen, some could have been seen as celebrated in the Vishakilai hills of this mountain.

Sudip Babi Bhopal Singh’s directed film is an hour 55 minutes long. In the film, Rekha Thapa, Aryan Sigdel and Rajan Ishan are present in the main role. Ramesh MK Poudel and Saraswati Thapa are the Shagwanak of Sanjay Lama and Suresh Adhikari, Arjun Pokharel and Rajan Raj Sivakotai have joint music. Eight years later, the line that screened the screen together and Aryan Rudrapria are in discussion.


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