The law, which has not been allowed to remove the people from Bahawalpur, can not be removed from their homes.

On Monday, President Vidya Devi Bhandari passed through the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament and certified seven bills presented for certification on Monday – Mulki Devani (Code of Conduct), Muluki Devani procedure (Code of Conduct), Muluki Crime (Code of Conduct), Mulai Foreclosure Procedure (Code), Foreclosure Criminal Determination and implementation), bill and language bill, amendment, integration, and dismissal of some Nepal law Yoga Bill, 2074. Devani (codha), who has been made to amend and integrate the Devani law is interesting. It is clearly stated in both the home and the rest of the restoration. In the arrangement of restoration of the house, the responsibility for supply of sewage and sanitation to the water and power till the house is available, the responsibility of the person giving the responsibility to the house. The householder also has the obligation of ‘living in restoration’ to prevent insecurity, strangers or unrest from other people living in the house.

Similarly, the residents living in the rest of the house should pay the restoration of the house to the families at the fixed time and to take shelter in their homes, to maintain, safeguard and safeguard, maintain, safeguard, and safeguard their homes, such as any other person or neighbor of the house, such as incompetence, astonishment, or insecurity. An obligation such as not having to work.

The law has been made in the Act, if the person who is staying in the habitation should leave the house or leave the house at least 35 days before the removal.

The prohibitory system is not permitted to allow other person to be restored for three months, without using himself during the removal of the rescuer that the householder needs to be themselves.

The provision is to be given to the other person if the other person is going to be restored and if the first person resides in the rest. This will be applicable after one year after the author’s certification.

Full details of home restoration arrangements

401. Assessment in the Restoration: A person will be given in the ransom to give someone the right to take home money in their own rights, benefits or for the fixed time.

Disclosure: For the purposes of this paragraph, “home” means a land or house, floor, aunty, room, or even a flat land or property.

402 There should be days or unnecessary staying in the insecure home: No one should take or take the rest of the house to settle in a home that is not suitable for the settlement of the health and safety of any human being.
But the quality of the house of Non Residential Purpose like Warehouse, Livestock, Store, Cold Storage will be decided as set forth in the home restoration agreement.

403 Duration of the house: (1) The period of the house will be mentioned in a non-negotiated agreement in five years.

(2) In the sub-section (1), even after the term of the house Vahal, the consent of those who take the home to the house will be repeatedly repeated.

404 Should be compromised in the bargain: (1) When a person gives home restoration, the written agreement will be made to the person who has taken restoration of things: –

(A) The residence of the person and the person who has the residence and the full name and address of the person, the citizenship number, the foreign passport or the opening of the introduction,

(B) house and place number,

(C) the purpose of taking a bath,

(D) Restart date,

(E) Restricted period,

(F) Monthly Amount Amount,

(G) Restoration time and process,

(H) The obligation to furnish the electricity used in the home, drinking water, telephone etc.,

(J) If you have to restart the house, then pay the amount,

(J) If you have to insure the home taken place, then talk about it,

(T) Removing the house taken out in the restoration and relating to the removal of the rest,

(I) The rest of the house, which will not be allowed to be restored in restoration,

(D) other essentials.

(2) Notwithstanding anything written in the sub-section (1), there will be no written agreement with the person who restores the restoration of the house for monthly ten thousand rupees.

(3) In the instrument of agreement in accordance with the sub-section (1), the photograph of the resettlement person will have to stick.

(4) A person who will take the rest of the instrument in the agreement of the agreement as sub-section (1), and at least two witnesses of both sides will be taken and take one copy of such a copy.

(5) After completion of the process according to the sub-section (4), there will be agreement between the person who took home and restoration in the rest of the relationship.

405 Details of the house: If someone is in a house restoration, then there will be no weakness or error related to the construction of the house, details of the person taking the house will be given while compromising.

406 The details of the goods or items should be prepared: (1) The wealth and property of the house, which will remain in the house at the time before giving wealth to the house, will be prepared.

(2) If the goods used in the details prepared in accordance with the sub-section (1), the person who takes the goods in the baggage will be given to the housewife, if the goods or items are accepted.

407 Liability of the Household: The obligation of the person given to the house will be according to the following: –

(A) The residing person should be allowed to use the house according to the agreement,

(B) In addition to being mentioned otherwise in the agreement, the house should be provided for sewage and sanitation and supply of water and power, till the house provided in the barley is available.

(C) The resident living in Bahahur should stop insecure, strangers or insecurity from other people living in the house,

(D) to observe other things mentioned in the agreement.

408 The obligation of the person living in the restoration: The responsibility of the person living in Bahawaltha will be as follows:

(A) To determine the amount of restoration to the households at the fixed time,

(B) The house taken in the restoration of your house


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