After looking for a 50 years later, looking for the wind of the wind rising in the childhood …

Little memories of childhood are very important of the month. In 1944, small children living in Estonia, Europe, saw the wind rising at the floor near their home. He did not care about that at that time. However, 50 years later he missed that incident. Then the person who searched for the lake has discovered very strange.

The boy saw the flames coming out of the air in the midst of Estonia’s Kurtana Matszerva Fertilizer. This incident left behind a deep impression. There was no information about what was there at that time. But 50 years later, he mentioned it in social network. His story was focused on the interest of some war history. The person went with the research team for the second time. After searching for about eight hours, there was something that was not imagined from the inside.

A war tank was drowned in World War II. If this person forgot the event of his childhood, he would never have been able to find it. The research team was completely prepared. They took out the bulldozers with the help of the steel cable. Dim started searching for the lake since 9am. After 8 hours searching for something, the team was frustrating, as a result of a large number of deep out

Exit was communicated. This tank was made in Russia and the German army used it. Its weight was more than 30 tons. After checking out, its engine was still working. It is kept in a military museum.


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