Nepal Idol reaches the house of Buddha Lama and marks the mark of the mark (including video)

Nepal Idol concert has been held in Pokhara on Saturday. Evening Companion Mantage International has organized this concert in collaboration with Jute Dutamam of Pokhara. The first runner-up Sangh Joshi was presented with the first Runner-up Mark Bhattarai, second runner-up Pratap Das, including Nepal Idol-winning Buddha Lama.

This is the first time since the national fall of the Grand Id of Grand Idol, it is the national level concert. Pokhara program for Buddha Lama in Pokhara may not be too long for the pro-proliferation program, but today there was no program in Buddha Lama’s fire, but the audience was keen on the show of the mark of Bhattarai.

See second in the Nepalese Idle presentation of the successful mark


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