Shan Nature Mall of Nepal (including video) can write the best letter of the world.

KATHMANDU – In nine years, Nature Mall read in class 5, while in that class, Mallal’s hand had a copy! Abhishek Lopchan’s brother, who is studying at the upper class of the school he read. Because of the handwriting of the daughter compared to other students of the class, father Baba Prahadadkumar brought home to show the nature of Laptchan’s nature. Recalling that moment, I could not say anything at all. “Remembering that moment of three years ago, 12-year-old Mallal said, ‘I tried copying it, I thought that such unevenable letters could be written.’ That is the same as ‘unevilial’ characters. He was excited.

‘From that time, I also started writing’ Univival ‘letters, and she threw her commitment from inside. According to the same perception, she practiced daily. The results of the classroom student of Bhaktapur, Bhaktapur, got out, looked at the letters and got feedback from everyone, ‘Unevenable Handwriting’. Like typing a typewriter, unicorn grains, no kermathed clean, looking attractive, gravitational letters! After winning the Villeyard School Handwriting Contest, she became brilliant at Handwriting social network. The handwriting on Facebook and Twitter is printed on thousands of shares, millions of people are lucky, less and twit. By seeing his letters, the critics have been surprised in social networks. There is a lot of response to many of the words ‘Wow!’, ‘Good Gifted Handwriting!’

How was it possible Many teachers were meditated after handwriting on the periphery by day, twice a night, a day more than usual, Peru. Teachers began praising nature’s handwriting in classrooms and in the school openly. ‘After seeing the copy, I regularly practiced and thought that writing should be better than that of the copyright. Pay attention to how to make the letter better. In the day I gave a single page time to write handwriting. ‘She told the secret of success. ‘The main thing is practice, practice makes impossible even impossible.’ Writing good handwriting, it is also thought that there is a type of skill and a art in order to improve the characters. That’s why he collected samples of good handwriting. Well, how did the good letter be written in letters? ‘What type of skeleton on the Internet? He also started searching for himself, saying, ‘Always make handwriting and making it routine.’

Well, not only the reader who reads the letter written in the archetype, but writing the handwriting much more innerly, writing ‘handography’ is made to be a great character. He had an opportunity to learn from the teacher of Govind Oliiya, on the sidelines of the academic session of Class 6 but not completed in Class 7. How to write better letters better? The three-day training related to his writing style was filled with fierceness. ‘After getting older improvements in letters respectively, I started seeing old letters and I should improve this letter.’ Still, she followed Michinath and practice. Moreover, with the help of parents and teachers, counsel, cooperation, and enthusiasm remained in the campaign to improve his letter. His mother (peace) also played a role in writing the letter, Mother did not inspire her to write a good letter from her earliest, even if she did not get a letter before doing homework, she would write even if she did not have a letter in the book. Understand the practice of ‘Inline’ (English) in Captain.

Prahaheed, who is also a teacher, who is a teacher who is well aware of the consciousness and discipline of all the homework, is excellent, because he focuses on the daughter’s writing. ‘Even if he sees anything crushed in writing writing, even if I find better than that of a quality and quality copy, I can find that pencil, sarpanar, eraser, I can focus on how to teach it well after giving all the resources. ” The nature of success in the excellent letter writing, wants to break history. ‘All the doctors write letters that do not understand, but I write letters to everyone.’ In the future, the formal class of a doctor who has been targeted to be a medical doctor has started from Baalachika in Banepa. Malala family still lives in Bhaktapur while studying the permanent house Dhankuta and in connection with the critics. When handwriting wrote the upper part was slightly thicker than the upper part and the lower part of the upper part. He has experience According to him, if the teacher and the student insist on the letter written, they should be reminded, not even if they were bad characters.


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