Sushil found indemnity worth Rs. 150 million

Dhanusa, Hariharpur, Sushilkum Yadav of Hariharpur, have been compensated for ‘full disability’ basis for nearly two years after the incident.

Yuvraj connected to the safety-helper work related to the Kubsee Company, who had been working for construction, was able to walk in the workplace construction work and could handle the wheelchairs and allies.

‘While working in the road pipeline near Mausha near Doha, one car has to be remembered at two o’clock in the night. After 20 days, I have become unconscious,’ Sushil, who was affiliated with a prestigious company, recently said to Kantipur, ‘after being treated by Hamad and Rumala Hospitals, then under the waist It has been drained, Wheelchair and a companion have been living for two years. ” Inala cord (C-Six) ​​is given to the serious problem of hospital information.

Sushil informed that he was affiliated with the best company (QBC) and was legal in the document, which is being done from all the monitoring companies. For the help of his cooperation, the company has given 42-year-old Rameshwar Das, 42, of Siraha. Rameshwar is working to keep around the company camp by placing money from milling to the wheelchair.

The company is also giving a monthly salary of Rs.1000 billion regularly. The 26-year-old singer Sushil has received compensation of 5 lakh 50 thousand rupees ($ 1.55 million) immediately after employer rules and insurance fees. In the last month, the Nepali embassy in Doha was also insisting to raise compensation for them.

“Now I want to go back home and live a different life,” Sushil said, “It has been 8 years since the queue, has not gone back. Now it’s returning home as a beautiful, sorry too. ‘


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