Zubair Khan Files Complaint Against Salman Khan For Threatening Him

Bigg Boss seems to have witnessed the most controversial first week of any season ever. Never ever on Bigg Boss did we see a fight in the first week that turned so ugly that the contestants ended up pushing and hitting each other. The said fight between Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani got so messy that others also jumped in to take sides and that resulted in the untimely elimination of Priyank Sharma–who by the way had nothing to do with the fight and he pushed Akash just to support his friend Vikas.If you thought, this was enough, the alleged relative of Dawood Ibrahim, Zubair Khan after hurling abuses at the women of the house and threatening the housemates with his underworld connection, attempted suicide by consuming pills post getting blasted by host Salman Khan in the first Weekend Ka Vaar of the season, aired on Saturday. He was rushed to the hospital and was still in the hospital when his eviction was announced on Sunday’s episode.
Zubair, after coming out of the hospital, decided to avenge his ‘insult’ on the show and filed a police complaint against host Salman Khan at the Lonavala police station of Mumbai. In the complaint, Zubair has claimed that Salman has threatened him that he would not be able to work in the industry after leaving the house and also mentioned that Salman said things like I will make you a dog and I will see you after you leave the show.


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