Actress Sushma Karki’s Claim: 3 Lakhs for 5 minutes

ncome source of Nepali Artists have been changed. “Drifora Society” is the perfect place for her income.
International movie market is suitable for the singers, artists, and comedian. Maximum Nepali Actress went to foreign countries and gain money by showing their dance performances.

Priyanka Karki, Namrata Shrestha, Rekha Thapa are in the first list of such work. Most of the program invites such artist and every month they can earn good income. And they have been taken as the artists who enjoy in own country.
Other artists are not fall on such programs. If it is compulsory to call, they will call them in low rate. Those artists get some percent of program’s ticket fee, so their income may be nearly 5 lakhs.
In the beginning there is a competition will held on the topic that who will get the movie project but now there is a competition who will get more foreign program. In such program, Sushma Karki is back warded. She gets low program in foreign countries. But Sushma says that she rate 3 lakhs for 5minutes. She claimed it in a recently taken interview.
But it became amazing gossip in movie makers. It is being hard to get new work and claming to get 3 lakhs for the dance of 5 minutes that change into laughter and gossips.
All of another artists become shock when she is not getting the new project in the movie and claim 3 lakhs for her performance as she advertise in social media.


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