The distance of Kathmandu-Terai fastway decreases further

The Kathmandu-Terai fast track has been shifted to Nepal Army. This news has been written by the Chandrashekhar Adhikari in Kantipur today.

The military team has started making a report by reducing some quantity of quantity of 2 9 mm long in the past. ‘It’s a few miles away. At the same time, we can report the report in a few days, “an official said.

Higher military sources said that the army’s technique should reconsider it, saying that before the length of the study report prepared by the private sector was increased and the tunnel was proposed to rotate roads and bridge.

With the help of the widespread way to contribute significantly to the economic development of the country, the army has taken a track study by keeping a security base in 10 different places. The length of the length of the Indian Army and ILS determined by the company’s army has fallen into study. The army claims that its military study will be decided by opening the track. A military team has said that a private company has to improve the early study by making the ‘Google Map’ base. The team told such a few officers in a few days.

The army has already constructed a camp in the volcanic area of ​​the south-eastern city. The army has already studied the preliminary report from the Indian company when the work of management of helipad and security forces can be done in those places. Earlier, the model being fixed by one meter wide divider in the middle of the 31 meter fighter road along the railway, has remained the same.

“Due to the shortage of time, the process of expanding the work by purchasing DPR has been started. Technical team will study if the DPR needs to be improved, Army Spokesperson Assistant Rathi Nayanaj Dahal said, “The army has no use to work on time. It is said that national pride has been carried out in the tomb. It is said that no report could be said till the report about the reduction of the length, he explained that he was discussing the overall side of the road. On the highway, there will be 2 Kilometer long tunnels and 9 bridges.

“According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, a directive committee has been formed to form a fast track for construction. Since the field report has come, the length has occurred when studying in it, ‘a technician said. Officials are also conducting technical studies along with monitoring, suggestion from the committee, which is the General Director of the Army’s Warfare, Chief Executive Officer, Physical Infrastructure and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defense and Joint Secretary. Project head and Yadendra Khadur of the army gave information about the DPR studying at work time.


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