This is the fastest car in the world!

The fast car is invented in the world. The sports car maker of the Swedish car, Ang Hygiene, of Angingsg, has made the world.

This has created a rugged car by dissolving Bugti Kiiron’s record. The Swedish car made a speed of 400 km / h in 36.44 seconds, and then reached zero zero kilometers per hour. The hypercarb was almost two miles [2.5 km] .Currently, Bugti Kyrone had taken 400 kilometer of pace of speed in 41.96 seconds and made it a record, but now it has to move forward.

The cost of this car is about Rs. 34 million. The factory of Denmark’s Nicholas Liljaja was missing this car. The ages of the ages are 1359 kg and it has five liters of 8 twin turbocharged engines. It has been said that its 1340 BHP power and 13,100 nutton meters have been able to generate a torque generator.


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