The Federal Legislature’s building will be ready to be prepared in December.

According to the new constitution, the building will be ready within the next month to conduct the meeting of both the members of the federal legislature to be held. The Legislative-Parliament Secretariat has started preparing to conduct a representative and national assembly meeting at the current International Conference Center.

Election Commission and the Rajya Sabha elections are at the same level on the next floor of the next tenure. In section 9 3 of the Constitution, the President has called for the convention of federal parliament within 30 days after the final result of the election for the representation was held.

Secretariat, spokesperson of the secretariat, said that the meeting of both the House was prepared for the meeting of the Secretariat. Bharat Raj Gautam informed. Section 8 of the Constitution mentions the formation of federal legislative. According to section 83, 275 member National Assembly will be formed according to the Representative Assembly and Section 86.

The secretariat has already been preparing for a meeting meeting by committing some modifications to the main hall of the conference center, which has been converted to the Legislature-Parliament meeting. Where both the members of the House will be able to live together with the joint meeting (334).

Similarly, the Secretariat said that the conference center of the conference center has already decided to conduct the National Assembly meeting in Hala. The meeting will be prepared by removing some seats for the delegate and improving the remaining seats, mic and technique repair.

For the meeting of the National Assembly, the seat, mic and technology will also have to be fully connected. Apart from the major meeting of both the members, the spokesperson Gautam said that the appointment of Deputy Speaker, Vice Chairman, Vice President, other officials, Executive Consulting Committee, and the necessary rooms should be prepared for the meeting.

The Secretariat has asked the Ministry of Finance for all the study and Rs. The secretariat has been issuing a sum of Rs. 10 million annually for the conference center.

Vi Since 2065, the secretariat has taken up the construction hall for paying Rs 50 million to the conference center. It is mentioned in the agreement to increase the rate of 10 percent each two years.

After conducting the meeting of both the members, the secretariat has already utilized the entire campus of the conference center and there has been a bilateral understanding of the increase in some freight. In the representation, there will be 110 members who will be elected according to the election system and the proportional election system, according to the election system.

The tenure of the Representative will be five years apart from the dissolution, before the constitution. Similarly, in the National Assembly, the members of the state assembly, the chairman of the village council and vice president and the head of municipal and the vice-chairman, who are elected from every state will be elected by the total number of 56 people and three candidates nominated by the President in the recommendation of the government. The duration of the members of the National Assembly will be 6 years.


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