These five are not in the country, night, 76 days, dumbden sun!

The world is beginning to start the sun after the sun, and the Sun begins to fall after the fall, but do you know that there are countries in the world where the sun does not stand. Let’s know about these five countries that are not sunset

1. Norway: Norway is surrounded by a country. The sun remains unchanged for almost 76 days in the country from May to July. This country is also called ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. If you want to enjoy the light for a long time, you can go to the country.

2. SWEDEN: Sweden is a country where you can see the sun in half a night. Sun does not remain here until the beginning of the month from the beginning of the month until the half of August.

3.Island: In Iceland, you can also enjoy the sun’s light at midnight. Its waterfall, volcano, glacier and a charming view of nature will win your heart. The sun is unavailable until 10th July here.

4. Canada: The sun does not exist for 50 days in summer season in Canada. Even here, the night to be dark is light.

5. Finland: Fineland is also a country where the sun is switched to 73-74 days in the summer season. In this country you can enjoy the joy of activities like scing, cycling, hiking.


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