Things to do in case of phone loss

Majority of us might have become the victim of phone loss. Many of us might have been through the trouble of having phone theft, lost etc.We feel sad when we lose we lose our phones and our brain stops to work at first. Losing phone means losing different kinds of important and secret data which increases the risk of misuse. But crying and feeling sad is not enough. So, it is important to control one self in these situations. Things to do when phone gets theft or loss.

– First call on the phone which has been lost. If it is not reachable try messaging. A very honest person might have found your phone and might bring it back to you.
-Try changing passwords of different social media accounts in case of phone loss. Normally people do not log out from social media from phone. It increases the risks of these accounts being misused. So, it is better to change password as soon as possible.– Android device manager is very beneficial for android devices. It helps to locate the lost phone and also lock the lost android device.
– Block sim. Block the sim in the lost mobile by contacting the service provider. This prevents misuse of sim card.
– Contact police: The next step is to inform the related police department about the loss of your phone and provide a application for searching it.
– With the loss of your phone keep in mind if any of your internet accounts are being used. Inform the police if you find that your social account or email is being used. This helps police to find the thief.


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