Will Korea come back do something in Nepal?

Oh yes
On the first day of the company’s departure
Flute and chemical smell that breaks the intestine through the sound of the machine and whiskey nose. It did not seem to work.

How to learn work How to do How to run with machine and mix in the company environment? How can the tongue boil your tongue with food that often boil the boil? How do the Koreans understand? A few months ago, there was such a furious cousin.Work abroad, new environment, new food, new environment, new work started the first few months and it was really. That’s what happened in a few months even if I was in jail, just like a criminal punished me hardly. But also Nepal’s environment, its economic background, family responsibilities is secondary and it is also possible. I am not a man who destroys fate, but taking a lot of money from Nepal, making a lot of money and taking a lot of compulsion from Nepal, after many processes, many destiny Nepalis came to Korea. I am also one of them.

After Saturday sat down on the waiting day. Working day and day for 6-13 hours a week, I swear to win and win a big war. Remembering the work from Sunday evening, with the help of expansion in the morning.

How to spend time of four years ten years working in Korea? Oh! Yes !! The tongue is Tokyo. If you are able to save millions of months working so many years, then it is possible. Have you ever thought about it? Add a land to the city, make a small house, and spend some money in Nepal, I do some business and thus it has been planned. But whenever the visa period of Korea is oriented, then, then a type of question is going on with itself. What should we do now? Where does it feel like a dream and a dream? The unusual atmosphere of Nepalese politics affecting each Nepali’s personal plan and dream is the same. Many people who plan to settle some profession from the source of resources are forced to think. If investment is limited by investing limited capital and difficult to invest another, it is difficult to risk risk investors.


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