A woman who lives in America requests ‘I want to marry’ A good boy wants me to see all the details!

I work in a heated in America. There is a pistachio in Kathmandu. Due to the lack of home rent, we were grateful for the earnings of two older people. One day, Mr. K.K. Saunner came to know, and only a few days later, he got out of America.

From that day, my husband started to tell me something new about America and bring me something new about America. One day I was thinking, the work of our American intelligence. Do not ask from the village you do not know .But you and go too America! Now children too grew up, tomorrow even for their higher education, money also requires money. Our earnings are not to be raised, but I am living here for a child, you go to America and we also raise our economic status slightly. Why did not you say Naushnou from the unknown village? When Should We Build Our Home? Always spend the same three room in this room? Children should also be married to Bhulika. Do not think

Sir started pressuring me daily to send me to America. After all, I lost my lips. My husband gave me all the arrangements to go to America by applying a resignation to the school and extending the money from it. My children, who are not able to distinguish the right and wrong path, while at the time of the guardian’s need, they took care of their parents in the US. Even


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