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Telephone Service Provider Company Ensel Prayli has brought four new voice packs for their pre-paid clients. Customers of the Encel can now enjoy the benefits of voice service at an accessible rate. With the new voice pack, Encel customers can now use a 700-minute voice service in a month.

Ensell said the new voice packs were operating in this operation from December 1 to 90 days. Under these new pages, customers can make daily, weekly and monthly packages as per the requirement of their voice service. Also the customer can also start three-day voice packs.

Under the Daily Voice Pack, the customer can buy 20 minutes of aennetuck time at only 15 rupees tax. On weekly voice packs, you can take 120 minutes to take time in 70 rupees. Similarly, the customer can pay a three-day voice pack with a 50 minute tuck time in 30 rupees. In the new monthly voice pack, the customer can receive a free of cost at a rate of 43 paise perinet by earning 700 minutes to spend 700 minutes in 300 rupees.

Daily voice packing time has been for 24 hours. Similarly, the duration of the weekly voice pack is 7 days, 3 days of three day packages and 30 days of monthly voice pack. The current charge will be applied after the time mentioned in the pack or the time taken. According to the existing fee, the tax incurred within the Nelsel Network costs Rs 2.50 per tonne.


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