Don’t eat this 7 things along with milk

Milk is the food that we use in our daily life. Milk is very beneficial for health as well as mind. Drinking one glass milk per day is very good for health. But here are the things that is harmful to eat along with milk.– We use milk with our meal. If you are eating black lentil on your food than on this condition you shouldn’t eat milk. This doesn’t do good for health.
– You shouldn’t eat curd along with milk. There will be the possibility of having skin problems if you do so.
– You shouldn’t eat carrot, fish along with milk. This cause the negative impacts on the body. This also cause the problems on skin.
– You shouldn’t eat salt or bitter gourd along with milk.
– You shouldn’t eat sesame along with milk, this might cause skin disease.
– Drinking milk with lemon is also bad for health.
– Drinking milk 3 hours before you sleep is good for health. But you shouldn’t drink hot milk just before you sleep.


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