Hinute-Anushka, who returned to Hanuman, did not leave home, interrupted the gate in the gate.

Delhi. After a couple of weeks back, the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and the pair of Bollywood heroes Anushka Sharma, are not all left with the media to kill the Gate. They were back in Delhi early in the morning. They went home near Gurgaon near Delhi soon, but they did not leave the house all day long.

Earlier in the morning, when they came back to their house, they were crowded outside. According to family sources, Biratki’s mother sister-in-law Birju is also in this house. But no one has seen them all day long. They reached Gurgaon at 5 am in the morning after midnight. Kohli Delhi has been told to live in the media.

After getting married, they had fallen for honeymoon on December 13. Their first reception party will be held in Delhi on December 21. Second reception will be held on December 26 in Mumbai. The first reception is for relatives and second reception is said to be hosted for celebrities and cricketers. They were on a regular basis in December 11, Rome, Italy. This marriage was attended only by members of their family. On that same day, the two were publicly invited by Twitter.


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