Nepalese Youth Meet Rai but Chennai Nepal (see video)

Perhaps we do not know exactly what Milan is now getting to know about his ‘White Butterfly’ (White Butterfly) campaign, with a large cross-border circle around the world. When there was invasion in Brussels in Belgium, white panties were used in the peace call. At that time, Milan Rai was built on the wall of the Stock Exchange building in Brussels. Important newspapers in Europe, including ‘Guardian’, published the news about it on the first page. If found in the instagram ‘Brussels Atak’, images are found using Milan Rai’s pupil.

‘Not only Belgian,’ says Milan, “My cathedral has been used in different feelings of 40 countries in the world.” Even in the countries not known in Africa, they are being used. It is frustrated to see that the creation of the social campaign is more and more in its everlasting place.

Even from Europe, his work began to commemorate. They started asking for a puppy. Asked from Scotland, requested from Britain, then it was invited to meet Germany. Occasionally called many countries in Europe. He went to the place and filled the butterflies. Then also called from America. ‘I was called to interact with the University of Harvard University and give them a lecture. He has only seven passages to see how he became famous as video


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