Pokhara won the all-round performance in Israr

Pokhara Reynoj has won hands in the first match of Everest Premier League (IPL) after the Pakistani player Isarar Ullah displayed the alaround.

Pokhara Renes defeated Chitwan Tigers by 10 wickets in the tournament on the second day of the match on Tuesday.

In his victory over Pokhara, his foreigner, Aarar Ullah, performed alarms. In order to get Pokhara the 14-run target, Irar Ullah played 61 runs without knockout.

He scored 6 sixs and 1 wicket facing 52 balls. Earlier, he had taken 4 wickets in the bowling. Israr Ullah has played first class 68, list one 48 and 47 T20 in Pakistan.

In the pokhara victory, another opener Sunal Dharmala played 46 runs. Sunil, who suffered 54 balls, struck 3 fours and two sixes.

Chitwan, who scored 113 runs, lost 9 wickets in the 20 overs in the first innings.

Anil Mandal and Deependra Singh Aary got 67 runs for the third wicket, after the Pakistani player Ishar Ullah of Pokhara broke off in Chitwan.

Dipil Nath, who came with Anil Mandal, was beaten by 6 runs in the first over.

Meanwhile, foreign player Sajaz Khan also returned to Pelilian in the second over of his Pakistani counterpart Taj Ajili.

After the loss of second wicket in the 10-run score, opener Anil was accompanied by captain Dipendra Singh Arya for the team. Anil and Dipendra’s couple spent around 10 overs.

In the second ball of the 13 overs, Ankara bowled four wickets to Ulema, and he got out on the ball. Which game has a turning point.

At that time, the team was making 77 runs at 12.2 overs and was moving towards a good score.

However, Anil, who suffered 44 balls, struck three boundaries and 1 sixs after returning to the Pavilion, the rest of the players could not expect.

Chitwan was under pressure after the Uraar Ullah captured the Deependra from the hands of Sunil Dharm on the second over of the 15th over. Deependra played 42 runs in 32 balls. He hit 6 fours and one six in the innings.

Chitwan scored 113 runs after the other players, who could not add double points. Vijay Sarki 8, Yogendra Singh Karki of Chitwan and Sunam Gautam added 7 runs.

Uttar Pradesh Ulema of Pokhara took 4 wickets. He scored 22 runs while bowling 4 overs. The wicketkeeper took 21 runs for 4 overs while taking 3 wickets.

In Biratnagar warriors and Lalitpur Patriots are coming to the ground in the next few games.


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