See these 10 signs, see the cancer! Beware of worship is such … See

The cancer takes life. Whether you’re rich or poor. Eating habits or eating habits do not leave food. However, if you get the trick in the early stages of cancer, you can be saved. But most people usually ignore such symptoms. Although it may seem like an increase. According to the experts, the symptoms appear in the beginning of the cancer.

1- Continuous Khaki-Focus Cancer

Most people do not get the trick of fatoxic cancer. Some people show symptoms of fox cancer in the beginning. One of the key symptoms of fatoxic cancer is also constantly being lost. Be careful if the skin starts to hurt and chest with it. Painted chest is a dangerous symptom when taking long breath or laughing.

2- Changes to the color of the mice in skin – skin cancer

Malanooma is considered the most deadly cancer in skin cancer. It can be seen in any part of the body. But most are visible behind the foot, the arm or the cave. Some may also be seen within the nails

In the beginning of this cancer, the color of the mosaic resurrected. These are signs that radishes are big, shaped and changing colors. It may also be painful and shining.

3- Diseases of blood, pain and intestinal cancer

It is not a good indication that blood-visible and time-consuming changes have changed. It also indicates that your small intestinal cancers occur. The direction of pain or bleeding is often thought to be fatal. This problem seems mostly after the age of 60.

4- Wounds that are not cold in the mouth – Many types of cancer

According to the American Cancer Treatment Center, there may be symptoms of cancer due to the injury and nausea inside the mouth. It is called cancer of the mouth.
After the head of the head, small sores in the mouth do not last for weeks or months. Although there is no pain, the problem of such a wound is a sign of cancer.

5- Problem soldering – cancer-free cancer

Be aware if there is a problem solving food. It may be a sign of cancer in your food hose. If you start having problems with regular food, go to the doctor. It is another symptom of cancer.

6. Mysterious weight loss: Many types of cancer

Most common cancer symptoms are considered weight loss. If there is a mysterious weight loss in your body, it may be the symptoms of different cancer.
According to the American Cancer Society, due to lack of weight loss, it may be a sign of cancer.

7- Blood in the blood-prostate cancer

Symptoms of unnecessary polyping and low inflammation when you bite, you may have a sign of problems with the prostate. It may be a symptom to see blood or bleeding during the biting.

8- Rise of unnecessary times

If your body starts to rise or increases in any parts of the body, it can also be a sign of cancer in your body. Most of the cancer patients have come to know about the same time. Such symptoms can be seen as symptoms of breast cancer, oxygen cancer.

9- Mysterious Pains – Many types of cancer

It is a common matter of pain when the body is unusual. But if you feel pain caused by any part of the body, it may be symptoms of cancer. The headache of brain tumor can lead to headache, pain to colloquial cancer, and the lungs or kidney cancer may also be painful in the back.

10- blood-gut cancer in dice / cough

It is dangerous to see the blood in the direction or direction of blood. If blood is seen especially in the direction, it indicates that the last part of your large intestine or cancer may occur. If blood is seen in the blood pressure, it may also be symptoms of prostate cancer.


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