sick mother: Who sold stockings in stockpot and sent daughters to America

Gongbu Baspark of Kathmandu, which will connect various districts of the country. Politics and waste like politics. The dust flows around the day. With the increase of man’s population, there is a flawless way of living with the people of this world, and in search of the future of this child, Karuna Bhandari of Dolakha is doing small business business in the streetpet, without caring for the dust. “There is not even so much dust, there is no business too,” he had a simple answer. The journey from Daroka to Kathmandu has not done so.

There is also a story about coming to Kathmandu. At the time, with the headache of headache, Karuna came to Kathmandu. After the Mahatappachi coming from Dolakha to Kathmandu, she decided to stay here. He was also in his shoulder to raise up his younger children. She remembers her early days, saying, ‘Even though she is sick, she has begun to become the future of daughters even though she is ill.’ ‘Karuna decided to remain in Kathmandu after heading her headache. He had planned to do something else by seeing others. ‘There was no money from home. The work was not gross. He did not know anything, ‘says Karuna, the 2062/63 People’s People’s Movement was recently completed. The country was in full preparation. At the same time, he started selling a cloth cloth from the newrode at the cost of Rs 4,599 with him, and started selling at the street gate around Gonguu Baspark.

The purpose of starting a business was not that he would become a big businessman. ‘The money made from the house has been made. I started doing business by seeing others doing business. ‘She smiled,’ she said. Where am I? I had brought two daughters, ‘she said. Understanding the importance of reading, she enrolled her two daughters into nursery and class 4. He did not have to say that money at that time. Understanding the importance of reading, she enrolled her two daughters into nursery and class 4. He did not have to say that money at that time. It was like one-day work for them to come in one month, living longer in the hospital, running for small children, and running for treatment. So, she also describes the kindness of her parents to study and study her daughter’s treatment. ‘The children were not the age of working. During the day, I used to sit in the streetpatti and sell the girls to school, ‘She tells the story of struggle,’ I could not have had 7 thousand at the time of Kathmandu. What is the matter, I came to Kathmandu as the same thing. ‘The doctor says that the water was frozen. Due to that reason, the tension was slowly covered by her.

Loves to say that he is still taking medication, “still headache. As a matter of fact, now the daughters grow up. ‘The compassion shows that their daughters understand it very early,’ the daughters who had five little rare biscuit biscuits for five days. Living in water My daughters have grown up eating openly. ‘The young daughter sitting beside her is not happy. She loves her mother. Conservative belief that the daughter should not teach the daughter in society is still not deleted. Kaira’s husband, Kedar Bhandari, had not arrived in Kathmandu for some months, because he had to take care of his family. It was not easy for the daughters to grow in stockpot by raising stocks. He had to go to the hospital for a long time. ‘In the morning, the vegetable cooked baking must also be kept. It’s so easy now. The daughters try to eat the meat every day and also reaches’, he lighten his light slightly. The old daughter has gone to America to study B.Sc. Nursing in the post-scholarship of Asmita ‘Plus Two’. Your daughter is in preparation for SEE. Even now Father has given some support in business. The daughter-in-law’s behavior of behavior is also good for the daughters to fulfill their dream tomorrow.

It seems to be the only reason why the compassion is to be. ‘The girls would already understand. I never say anything, ‘she says. Even after the first few days, the husband came to Kathmandu after some difficulty to get a compassionate love. After Kedar, they drew to buy small shops at about 80 thousand borrowers. Now there is some relief. There is a shop But when earning according to earnings, it would be earning more than the earnings. In the few years of the purchase of the shop, the police got all the shops in the booty. They also took luggage and stuck in the room. Selling some shops in the shop, selling and selling a stranger. Working a year did not make money. Why did we buy this shop again after looking for a loan, “he told us while we sat down. So why to find a loan again? Lovely, he said, ‘He (husband) himself has earned himself, to earn himself. I did not save money. ‘When I was ill, when I used to work, my daughters would come to work, sell a penny in the store.

The eldest daughter sold a cloth sitting in the pavement a week before going to America, “she laughs. The illness has come to the end of the illness. But she does not always want to stay in Kathmandu. After becoming a complete daughter in law, she is planning to spend the rest of her life in two ways. The daughters are grateful to her mother by seeing the mother’s mother’s tears. Baba’s role was interrupted Mother’s hard work. Susmita, who lived in the same neighborhood, looked at his mother’s face,


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