The new power and the unbelievable shared 2 alternative parties are unanimous

The new power and the unbelievable shared alternative parties could not even work to the unified work before the election, while talking about both the issues, it was shown that both parties could not become a national party as ego.

The author’s short study found that most of the petitioners wanted to see two alternative parties. UML, Congress and UCPN (Maoist) activists, supporters or leaders, were shown that they should not meet. To show this new power is a bizarre, one-party politician, who became a member of a quick-and-a-be-shattered party, was frightened by chatting out the old age, but this politique should not be united to share this advice and some leaders who do not understand new youth and political maturity and secularism. In general, there are different divisions that can bring a big movement to two parties. Let us look somewhat by giving a chance that we do not allow it to be mixed


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