The Prime Minister said that Nepalese happiness would be 20 million rupees, and we went to Delhi

The Vice President, Rajendra Khetri, said that the youth would be able to drive youth on a positive path, which has been said that the country will be associated with Kosherunga. He suggested the youth of today to carry the mandate of tomorrow’s country, to lead the country through a path to a peaceful path.

Addressing the delegation’s meeting of Yashishka, National Education Team at Kairari village, Morarai, Morang, Fratri said that all the citizens can be protected only if the disciplined, loyalty and responsibility of all citizens.

The regional army also said that no one would compromise with the Nepal Army to protect the independence of the country. Nepalese people do not have to worry about the crisis in the country, “said Sapat Sena Pataki, adding that Nepal Army will be able to protect the country’s independence as it is dead.” He has also urged the youth to help in building the country.

According to the statement that the Vice-President of the crisis, the Vice-President of the country, has made significant contribution to the country, by giving training to the youth, the service of the National Services has expressed concern about the crisis in the country.

He provided five hundred and fifty students of National Service Division’s 100-day training package. The confidence of the army has expressed confidence that the support of the nation would be further help in the construction of the nation. He also said that the government should put the country into construction by giving leadership of development capability for developing the country.


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