12-ft high-walled wall in Nepal-India 1700 km.

Honorable Prime Minister, Prime Minister and Office of the Council of Ministers, Singaradarbar, through Kathmandu, Chief District Officer, District Administration Office Khandariwari, Sankhavasabha.

Subject: – Memo. By making the so-called issue of the rights of Nepali people in the country where Terai people are armed with armed conflicts as applicable by the legislative assembly of the people, Nepalese people have failed repeatedly from Indian blockade because of the failure of Nepalese people in the name of Nepali people.

It is clear that India has been a good friend of India’s neighboring country, even since the past, the current practice of India has been in power to raise the interest of the Nepali people, who have been the character of the people who have a complete belief, surrounded by three-dimensional, widespread and friendly behavior.

The Nepalese history has been cleared by the Nepalese people in Nepal, Nepal, Nepal, Nepal, Nepal, Nepal and Nepal. In the name of Madhesi’s movement, for the rights of Madhesi people living in Nepal now, India has set a direct and indirect rule of Indian rulers through the movement that India uses by using its citizens.

India’s worst efforts to propagate the territories or territories of Nepal, somehow, or the threat of national discrimination to the Nepali people, has been showing that there is no chance to get rid of opportunity, suffering, shortage in some excuses. The blockade for 7 months is a fascinating example.


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