50 thousand help announces visually timeless play against Paras by Paras saying ‘Go to the railway’

Rastriya Timak captain, Paras Khadka, has announced Rs 50,000 to help Nepali team-bound Nepali blind cricket team to play for Bishkek while traveling for 4 days due to jet shortage.

Nepal has departed through Pakistan through a railway train on Tuesday to play an interim in one-day ODI series in Bishkek cricket in Pakistan and UAE. Nepal is playing Bangladesh with the first day in the tournament starting from January 24. Nepal team will reach Pakistan 2 days before the first game starts without the problem.

According to news reports, the cricket fans of Nepal Cricket Cricket Association, who have been forced to travel for 4 days by Tim Rail, are going to play a big competition like a Bishkek. The Nepali Cricket Pro Society has been running financial compilation campaign, which has been supported by Captain Paras, giving Rs 50,000 in personal interest.

Talking to the wicketkeeper after the announcement, the news has said that the news has turned out to be unhappy and the railway mounted on the railway should also be rushed to the house.

“It is very sad to know that the timing of a Bishop is going to be a train. They should return home at the play and honor it ”

The concerned body has also assured that there is no initiative to initiate this initiative. Another former Rastri cricketer Paras Lithuania has announced to help 50,000 rupees visually blind eye.

President of the society, Bhanu Sigdel, said that despite the state and other bodies of the government and other organizations, could not afford to conduct a plane ticket, and ignoring the crystals of the castle,

“It was very sad to know that the state and other bodies were unable to tackle the tickets even when going to play a Bishop. Rastra jewelry symbol of this level is unusual, so even after the Bishkek was unable to cooperate immediately, it was necessary that the blind players should be helped to collect financial support for the purpose of helping them ”

Due to the help of all the campaigns, the enthusiasm has been called by Sigdel. Earlier for 15 days, Captain Paras Khadka announced 50,000 rupees and another former Rastriya Krishna Paras Lunia, who has announced 50 thousand rupees and other people and organizations have also announced that Sigdel has announced support.

“So far, a million rupees have been committed to helping, Captain Paras alone has declared 50 thousand people”

Sanjay Pandey, member of Cricket Association, Sanjay Pandey, has been awarded 10,000 rupees, Rastriya cricket team captain captain Bahadur Sagittarii, 1 thousand, Nuwakot Cricket Association President Durga Pathak, 5 thousand and Universities Cricket Club has contributed Rs 5 thousand and District Sports Committee has also committed commitment to support. Information to the wicketkeeper.

Society is at least Rs. It has said that the aim of taking 2 lakhs of assistance and the rising money will be given to the Neptihan Cricket Board chairman Pawan Ghimire afterwards. President Sigdel has also appealed to the bank account of Nepalese cricket pro society and to collect funds through ivory and IME to help the campaign.


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