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Sushma Chepung, 16, of Padampur, who was studying in class 9, was attacked three years ago at the Earth Secondary School in Bhattani, Katika Municipality of Chitwan. He has run away with Sushan Chepung, 17, of Rule of Cowley VDC-4 in Chilvan. After loving her brother-in-law with brother-in-laws, Sushma stopped reading the study and decided to become a daughter-in-law of Mithi’s daughter-in-law. It is a pleasure to leave Sushma, who is glad to get home with the pleasures you enjoy.

Sushma, who played a golden coil in the neck, said, ‘Our love was three months’, said Sushma, “I ran away from home and came to this village with me.” Sushma was come to the village for two years earlier with Bhoju. At that time Sushma and Susan was seen only.After the coming year, Sushma comes home after Suzhou, says Susan, who is speaking to her. ‘When Sushma came home with sister, when she saw her, she started kissing and kissing and watching the ground,’ Then I went to Padampur to meet sister too.

When Sushma starts talking with the first sister and after Sushma on the phone, Sushma tells Sushan that she is also interested in her. After studying three classes, Susan, who went to work for studies, told that she had brought Sushma out of her house and consulted her father. “After going to Sassori,” she said, adding that Sausan did not get her in-laws in-laws. On the other hand, after the marriage in the village, cutting the chicken vessel cut off the village to the villager.

Susan’s father Amar Bahadur Chepung says five of his daughters and three of the sons are now left to marry only the younger sons. “At the age of her, I was the daughter of the daughter,” Amar Bahadur said, showing Susan, ‘Mrs. passed away.’ There was no woman in the house. After doing the marriage, the son said that Soltani is very pleased. I have made a liquid to be taken as a result of my death. ” Sushma tells a mother that she will not be there soon after leaving a brother, a brother and a parent in the Mithi house, and after getting married to Susan. She said, ‘The child is not getting it,’ she said, ‘do not leave a child for a year.’

In fourteen years, in the fourteen year, Zoolkari Chepung, 24, of Mother Cowley VDC-3, Tarsiling village is pregnant. His mother’s mother was married to Srir Chepang, 20, at the age of 14. In two years of marriage, goldkamari bore a son. His oldest son is now eight years old.

After the second child was lost, he did not receive a few years. She said that the daughter-in-law of another year’s daughter, daughter-in-law, has not known how much she was pregnant. She said, ‘All the children have been born in healthcare.’ This baby will also be born in a health center.

Nirmaiya Chepung, who was married to 25 years old Maniram Chepang, was 22 years old at the age of 12. A mother and mother of three daughters, Samma, told her parents that she was at an early age. ‘Getting married at a young age is getting hurt,’ she said, ‘read three classes.

It was difficult to get the child to work in the house while studying. “Sunmaya Chepang, 25, of the Tarceling village, also tells her that she is at the age of 12. Mother of the old children has four daughters and one son of Sunmaiya. She was 16 years old when she married Dallamiya Chepung, 24, of Desceland, Cowley 3.

At the age of 17, there is 11 months of age in Kakamiya of Dallamaiya, who was born in the first and in the age of 19. Dummiya, the mother of three sons, says, ‘After two sons, send the husband to Bharatpur to organize family. The baby also got a baby after Vasectomy. Now, we have used temporary means. “Kautai 3, said that the problem of marrying Ramesh Rosyali, the head of the National Secondary School of Hathwang, is a hurry in Chepang village.

“Most of the students leave the study for 14 years,” he said, “there are four children in the age of 18.” Whatever efforts they do, they can not stop getting married at the age of age. He says that there is no need to stop the marriage of three, four and five in Korak VDC. Ravikirin Poudel’s teacher, chairman of Nepal Rural Self-sufficient Campaign (Rausek), who is organizing integrated programs for construction According to the lack of awareness and consciousness, Chepang community is getting married without reaching age. He informed that Rausek was preparing for training and discussion by establishing women, men and child groups for the development of their consciousness


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