After saving the life of a child who has been suffering from sickness from three, Deepak has chartered a helicopter in Kathmandu.

There has been a big change in the country. The economic growth and prosperity of the political leaders of the political parties began to hear many years. The people of the administrative area are not even tired of telling them that they have been employed in the civil service every day. However, the situation did not end with the situation that civilians should not face due to normal treatment. Yes, this situation will be experienced by Sammya Tamang, 31, of Indrawati village 9 of Sindhupalchok. He did not do anything from the political parties nor the political parties nor the government employees in the local level.

The son of financial condition was delicate and tried to produce children in the trust of God. But, three days later, if the children were born, then go on to give birth to the child. The relatives started crying, to whom to tell, who can save the child’s life and the child born. In this regard, Deepak Silwal, who worked in the social sector, opened the organization called ‘Home patron Nepal’ in Chandol of Kathmandu. Earlier, he had treated the poor patients of various places of Sindhupalchok. The relatives of the saint also called the same Silwal. But, in the absence of financial shortage, Silica’s pupils drew to do something. Earlier, he had given the answers that could not do anything even though he came to call on Monday. However, after arriving on Tuesday on Tuesday, there was no money but could make a difference to save the child with an intention that it could be done.
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