Another monster went on again, one day, in a day, 30 million watched [including videos]

Due to her stimulating body, sometimes she has been on the controversy but has again been in dispute. He has been dragged into discussions and controversy by pulling the photographs of his sensitive organs. The light itself has made these publications public through the social network. By publicizing the picture, my picture has also written a message for those who like Walgar.

After the shooting of a music video by showing their thighs on Tej’s song, the light was opposed. Despite the opposition, Jyoti has given all the resistance to her. Jyoti Magar, a linguist who came to the discussion by organizing the program in the event of being organized abroad, did not leave her even behind her own village Maiti. Jyoti, who had been singing a song on the occasion of the medi-regional regional trade fair in Tulsipur, Dang, opened the jacket and threw it into the middle of the viewer. His birthplace is Rolpa.

As soon as Jyoti Migr’s presentation was started, the audience began to play the ball. Singing the village, opened the jacket in the middle of the audience. “One of the organizers said. She won a dozen songs including her old song, ‘The daughter of Jumalal Boou, Laoko in the dark’, in the program. In such a program organized abroad, how can such a stimulating reflective appearance reflect on the opening, openness of the audience, who can see the audience who sees the program? What does the audience learn from this view of a national artist?

The art of your singing is to entertain the program. But, what kind of message has you been trying to sell the skin in art, by showing the organs that you want to cover? The woman who came from village-to-village, the situation has come to an eye that the parents have to leave the eyes from such anxiety. Of course, when did the light shine? Jyoti Magar, born in Nuwagaon of Rolpa, lives in Koteshwar. The last time he had been in a very busy discussion, he has been featured in the audience as ‘singer’s same coincidence of the same radish.’ When television is interrupted by her, then she talks about media when she speaks. Her demand is increasing in the cultural program that is abroad. He is going to be an artist who is more abroad, he talks with Rain Rain Shah for Naples Dot ORG

What are you busy today? Today, I am busy with such a program. I’ll go to Malaysia in São Paulo. It was about to say that the song was not the song. But again, I thought that one should be removed. I’m too busy with the song.


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