Ballots all day long in the municipal street lights of Tarai

Electricity is shed for the end of the dark. It is a common thing but how do you feel when you hear and see the power of burning in different districts of Tarai Madhya in the night? But this is real.

The municipality of Terai Madesh has been producing light for the light during the night. Under the Hetauda Regional Office of the Authority, the road lights bulbs hanging on the wall of electricity will be stirring daily under the Bharatpur and Birgunj Metropolitan Municipality, Hetauda sub-municipality, Gaur, Kuala Lumpur and municipalities. In many places, light bulbs and switches are not kept.

The road lights kept by the municipalities of Janakpur sub-municipality, Jaleshwar Municipality and Municipality, are underway under the Janakpur Regional Office. According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, the road lights will be billed only for 12 hours of such road lights. The electricity is being leakage when the municipality keeps the lamps in the main and inner streets in its area, but not after it is discharged.


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