Bethelia’s big home at the Home and Prime Minister’s Office

There are 85 percent of the recipients of sourceforce and only 15 percent are real and poor,” an official said. He helped many groups to support and they would come to the regular ministry. According to those officials of the accounting branch, those who have been created like a passenger will apply to the home for financial assistance, to go to the Prime Minister’s Office, make decisions on the Council and decide the check-in in the Home Ministry with photocopy of various people’s citizenship.

The accounting branch of the house has become a branch of financial assistance distribution department for three to four months. Three employees have been assigned at the last time only one employee has been provided to first aid. The government has disbursed more than 32 million in the period of the period from the last month to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Home ministry spokesperson Narayana Prasad Sharma said that he had received distortion on financial assistance given to the poor and informed him that he would be investigated seriously. “There is no formal information about the middle of the country, we will investigate. We discourage such tendencies, ‘he said,’ Annapurnas’. If he was certified to dominate the Bethelia, he said that action would be taken to such a person. While the reporter monitored the financial support for a few days, a person found in the accounting branch warned that he should not be punished.


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