Federalism: The first village stone, the temporary capital of the seven states, Kathmandu

It may be surprising to hear that soon, seven days will be Kathmandu’s temporary capital Kathmandu. Like the first time of federalism implementation, there will be fierce practice of federalism starting between disputes.

3 Other than the state number 6, the first meeting of the 6 Rajya Sabha constituencies has created a paradigm situation to stay outside of their state. Even so, the 6 elected representatives of the state will not be able to get their own destiny in their territory. This is because all the parties are pulled out of responsibility and tried to get rid of the blame.

Last time, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had called the All-party meeting about the state head and the temporary role of the state. In the meeting, the UML and Maoist leaders took the road to escape from the state, according to the government’s work. In the meeting, UML Maoists did not agree with the state chief and temporary stability. But, both of them did very openly open the way to the government to set the state and the temporary task.


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