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There are many couples who have not been able to survive long-term chariots in the movie area. In such a way, artist Sarita Lamichne and director Rishi Lamichhane have become generous for all of her family life trips. Their 9-year-old daughter is married to the 20th year of marriage. Both of them are active in the movies in the movie. Seeing Sarita and Sage too there are many people who are afraid. Some have called ‘what fake couple’. The family members work together. If the big decision sages, the decision of the house is in the hands of Sarita. Do not say that Sarita sage is the world’s best husband. Presents in Sarita’s words Sage and his love:

She was not a boyfriend, like 22 years ago. At that time I was teaching. My sister and Rishi (Rishi Lamichhane) have been a classmate. He met him due to sister. At that time I was young. She is struggling for college teaching and film. Heroes became a dream to be heroes. Due to the sister’s case, we were meeting regularly. It was not a meeting as a lover. I knew him as a sister-in-law, a good man. I had to come home too. Initially commonly speaking was commonly spoken.

After some time, we got a little closer. At the same time, I was filmed to him, how well a good man, caring for everyone. Good guy He asked me about my work, home, family, brothers and sisters. This habit was also going to touch me. Nothing happened at that time. Now thinking about coming now is the love. There was no mobile facility at that time. It was difficult to call. Someone had to get involved. When the meeting was being bowled, there was no reason to see why there was a meeting, where he could have played where he could go. In the same way the days were passing. Once the time came, he came home to get pressure from the house. I did everything And said, ‘I love you very much. Love girlfriends do not get married more than such an affair. ‘Perhaps I would be all the wise ones, I have agreed to the right side.

Before me, Sage must put a vermilion in front of me, and got married to Baggaswari temple near the house and got married again. This was my second with him. So, after getting married and going home, there was water. His father was very happy.


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