I was a radical Congress, because of Diwali, I have become a UML: Deepak Manangi (Permanent Video)

Manang hai, namely Deepak Manang, his real name is Rajeev Gurung, who was first known as Dunya! Deepak was also contestant from the local election.

Deepak Kahan, who was seen in the media after long time, was a radical Congress, and I still love Congress. However, the difference between Sher Bahadur Deu Manangi and Manjung made me UML.

Earlier, he came out of politics and was not interested in any reason because all the bad leaders were leaders and insultors. Now, some leaders have begun to celebrate, and I am going to UML and spread it into politics. It is said that the purpose of my children to come to political politics is not incomplete but I came for the country.

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