Long-term blocked dangers will be operated

Long-term blocked dangers will be restored.

The airport will be operated after the Summit to agree to fill the flight twice from Tulsipur to Kathmandu for two consecutive weeks.

Kaushyam Pandey, head of the Tulsipur Sub-Mahabharata and initiated initiatives for conducting air-conditioned air services in the initiatives of the people’s representatives.

Meanwhile, ticket booking has also been opened for the launch of airlines. Now, for the present, Nagar Pradhan Pandey, who will start the ticket in Tulsipur Sub-Mahabharata and will start selling tickets via agencies in various places of immediate dang.

For the immediate time the rent has been fixed for Kathmandu from Rs. 800 to Rs. 7000, and Rs. 7000 200 for the dengue has been fixed from Kathmandu.


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