Me with My Dallu

A frustrated while coming back from college to home from a friday evening. Microwave, and city bus to reach home, was shut down by all. I did not have an hour walking tour. So, I was standing at the bottom of the taxi. A woman came to Aadmi. Looking forward to me smile smile. I smiled and welcomed her arrival. Sodhi – “Missed Babysitter Taxi?” “Hi.” I answered. “I have not seen a taxi watrobe nor have a meeting yet.”

The woman saddened. I asked – “Where to go?” “It was not far away, Must Must Have Arrived to Mustingchoc.” In response, he said. The enthusiasm of not getting rid of me in the face of his face escalated. Say – “Hey, are you? I’m also going to Mustangchok, Ni! “” Have you been? So if you are happy, you will be happy to enjoy the benefits of both of them, and you will be beneficial for the benefit of me. When traveling alone, it takes 400. Now it’s up to two hundred. ” I also supported – “Yes.” And also wanted to know what he would do? Summarily – “I read the college.” “How much do you read?” I had a profound question. Get her simple answer – “B.A. Second man. “” Whenever I do something? “I asked him to be a contract professor by graduating college recently.


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