Prime Minister’s direction to speed up development and reconstruction

Minister of State Sher Bahadur Deewala has directed the concerned ministers, secretary and body to tackle the work of development and earthquake after the construction of the National Development Commission. The 41th meeting of the National Development Issues Committee on National Development Issues Committee has stressed that the construction work of the preventive development of the constituency should now be tremendous with the implementation of federalism.

Recalling that the three-level elections were held in the process of implementing the constitution, Prime Minister Devu urged the central bodies to assist in the work of government-level government to become now.
He said that the task of constructing Kathmandu-Terai Madhya Pradesh for the construction of Nepal Army and the construction of Budhigand hydropower project on indigenous investment has been the achievement of his work and he directed the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport to speed up the extension of Mughalin-Narayanagadh road.


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