Rokha Election Commissioner postponed the demand of the president or Vice President!

Chief Commissioner of the Election Commission, Ayodhi Prasad Yadav, has delayed the publication of the results of the candidate’s proportional candidate.

As constitutionally doubled, other constitutional bodies are not able to go to know, Yadav has been open to seek “respectful management”. Dr. Saheer Khan, who had tenure of 2075 AH. According to sources, the result of ‘election management’ was being delayed by the Yadav’s election, the sources said.

Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal According to the nearest sources, Dr. Yadav has shown the desire to honor the contribution made by the election by giving the responsibility of ‘respectable management’. “In the uncomfortable situation, even three level elections should be peaceful and successfully completed, its state should give proper respect,” said Dahal, quoting the near source, saying, ‘I want to be a fair and respectable management somewhere.’ Most of them mean ‘honorable management’. And the Vice President, as the wish of the post.


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