Sad news !! Therefore, ICC has banned Nepali cricket

The Nepal Cricket Association of India, the highest body of Nepali cricket, reached the worst issue of extreme political interference, lobbies on the sterling pond, the abusive game to keep them in the post. Because of this, due to dozens of cricket matches in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Nepalese player was defeated by the country. There was a situation in which Shanak was also received .He v Ada and extreme political interference has become infamous Nepali Nepali cricket players are automatically saved by the zeal of an effort to sphurtarupama. But the world ‘s highest institution for cricket, ICC, does not like politics, ICC does not believe politics. Therefore, ICC suspended Nepal cricket in the past year. Meanwhile, Nepal was not banned from participating in international tournaments, as a deprived country in cricket, and the rest of the accounts were paid payable. Even when Nepal cricket lost its independence, there was a place to rejoice with suffering. But it was not banned at the International Cricket Ground in Nepal. What kind of taste is lost due to freedom? Even then ICC repeatedly said that the dispute was resolved, the political city, the ICC charter proceedings, corrected the legislation repeatedly, but how would you hear? Nepal cricket has become a daunting situation due to the intimidation of the ICC, yet Nepal is responding to the announcement of the reason for the reason for which ICC should keep its membership. Nepal has given it on December 22, but the fear of the answer is that all Nepalese cricketers are scolding this way.


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