That night you want it! When he was surprised and started crying – this story of story!

The bride was placed inside the carriage of the bride on the day of departure. I also went to the car with him. Some of his friends from outside, Isha, who were waiting for him, was waiting for him. But she was wondering about me and I was forced to cry too much, but my friends were still laughing at me. Yes, yes, today you must wait from day to day, another friend has added to it, know! Waiting for a girl is only a day of marriage, but the boy laughs only to be the same day.

Hi air, put the car on the air as a kid. That is why the life in which the companion does not have any effect. The friends came to mind with a thought. Should you really have to wait after marriage? What are the people who are really unsatisfied? Does the whole world have to stop after marriage? If both of them were together, they would have heard that the world would be easier to live. After giving life to Jubilee with life, then both of them were sacrificing.

Then Guruji kicked a car. She looked at her, she was crying. I felt like she was crying. Aaggi was not in front of everyone. I am glad that you do not have to cry, I am not happy to have a problem with my parents, but I am worried about my mother and mother, I was crying with mother Babu. He was mad at seeing him.

How did the boy who did not know a stranger was crying loudly about how to get rid of her sister. I gradually moved to her, took her hand and did not even let me cry. I did not even have to cry until I could sell. Do not explain your heart to the parents, explaining to your father. What does this mean for the world, even if your mother is in the same way as father, then she went on to say more than her.


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