The absolute legal obstacle to remove face-to-face from the pain

Bee oil is obtained from black sesame or sesame. It can easily be removed if the face on the face, the white or the stain, black dough, etc.

Additionally, the steps below can be used regularly for the healing of acne as well.

On the face or the stomach comes

Cumin seeds, seeds of cumin seeds, black sesame, mustard seeds and rays mix all the powder and mix it in milk and keep it in the evening at the time of sleeping.

Stomach Diseases

Half-palm brown black sesame, 10 grams of horse rack, 10 grams of gray pepper, 10 grams dry gray, 10 grams of gray pepala, 5 grams of gray hull, mixing it all in the cess, and after the start of aching. .


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