The old Tamakoshi form of old age will be constructed

The government has directed the Nepal Electricity Authority to begin preparing the necessary projects for the construction of hydropower project for the old age.

The Ministry of Energy has directed the Authority to prepare for the construction of the project based on the report prepared in coordination with the Vice Chairman of National Planning Commission Dr. Swarnam Wagle.

Spokesperson of Energy Ministry Dinesh Ghimire gave information to the authorities to initiate the process of initiating the process. The committee had formed a report to Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Kamal Thapa some time ago, the committee formed the consolidation of the Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr. Wagle on December 15.

Ghimire said that according to the report of the committee, the necessary directive authorities should start the implementation of the project. The report is mentioned in the report that the investments can be invested in the Employees’ Storage Fund, Civil Investment Fund, Insurance Institute, Nepali Army, Welfare Fund of Nepal Police and indigenous banks and financial institutions.


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