The police took out the country to the Prashant Tamang

The Indian Police has dismissed the pre-discipline action by the singer and actor, former Indian Idol Pacific Tamang.
After the Indian Idol, working in a young post in Calcutta Police, has been dismissed due to long term staying.
Our publicity daily, published from Sikkim, is being published by a Bangla daily and has printed an elephant who was dismissed from the Tamang service on Thursday. Tamang has been reported in the news that he was 1,770 days guerrillas from 200-9 to 2014.
The West Bengal Police had published information on June 13 to present the reason for being guile. Tamang has been dismissed from service after not seeing the reason.
Pradhan father’s father Madan Tamang was also working on the West Bengal Police. After passing away at the service, the son got admitted to the police.


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