The women who went to cut the grass in the forest showed that it was not worthless

Chitwan and Pursa have seen increasing the order to hit the central area of ​​the national park. According to the research, the locals in the intermediate region, which have increased security in order to k3i chaos due to meat greed.

Special responsibility of special counting of Ganjandrumalli Sector is about 6 km from Pratappur Post under the area. Nepalese army has emerged in the mid-afternoon of West Manrior Consumer Committee, after the Nepal army discovered that the heavy k3i woman was beaten up by the main area of ​​Parsa National Park area.

The army team had arrested Ramauli VDC No. 7, Dalmiya Magar, 34, and Rita Thapa Magar, 36, Sethiya Rai, 46, and Lakshmi Rai, a year ago. Ganapati Samendra Thapa, Ganjan, said that women were compensated by Gyanas Giri of Parsa National Park, Gyan Giri.


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