These are the youngest doctors who have been treated in the flying plane and save the lives of foreigners

Dr. Aadhaar, who returned to Egypt for a long time. Ravindra Baskota informed Kriya Mubarak that he was a physician. They urgently asked for a change of health condition of an old passenger. Dr. Ravindra immediately came to a place where he was traveling and found the situation. What happened then? Dr. This is the last Thursday in Baskota’s statement.

We went to visit Egypt, we were returning home after 12 weeks of the team of Nepalese team. The transit unit of the UAE was the international airport.

At 1 am from Alexandria’s airport in Egypt, we are ‘Announces’voyo,’ some of the passengers are physician nurse or Parmamidix after 45 minutes on Air Arabia’s ship. If so, please contact our CRU MEMBER. ‘

In order to listen to this ‘Announces’, I advised Kru Mumber to be a doctor. Show me an introduction letter with me. They ran for a sick passenger. Let’s go and have a 60-year-old Christian aerial citizen. It was hard to change too much. The hands and feet were swollen.

I tried to take history right now, but he threw himself. Another problem language problem. I do not know Arabic who does not know English. But work with the help of CRU Membrane. After all, he was diagnosed with serious heart disease problems. I immediately told Crou Morgan that he needed oxygen for the patient. He was in the Emergency Kit with them. Bring it. I made oxygen.


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