Two hundred and fifty free Haliyya families for home repair

53 free halia families of Kanchanpur have been selected for Kanchanpur / house repair. The meeting of the Free Halabja Resettlement Committee has selected the families of ‘B’ and ‘D’ in certification for the maintenance of the house. The National Free Haliya Samaj, Kanchanpur, chairman and Rehabilitation Committee member, Siva Lohar, said that the families with depressed families living in Jhopadi have been selected for the repair of the house.

The selected families will be provided as a cost of Rs. 25,000 for the maintenance of home through the Land Reform Office Kanchanpur. According to him, 63 of Bhimdatnamagaragar, 13 of Sankarpur, Lakshmiapur, two in Lakshmiapur, nine in Srikapur, 9, Rakwar Vichwa, nine of Rampur Vasasi, 5, Rautali Vichwa five, and five family members of Bhaktibali have been selected for repair.


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