UML and UCPN (Maoist) students hold the position of corporation not returning the price due to the demand of refund.

Nepal Oil Corporation said that the prices of petroleum products will not be refundable. Corporation spokesperson Deepak Baral said that the failure of petroleum products could not be refunded. According to the corporation, it has not been able to do so when the last time the petroleum products are being increased in the fourth round.

Speaking at an interview program organized in Kathmandu on Friday, spokesman Baral argued that the value of the increase in accordance with international standards should not be refunded. If the government directed to withdraw the value of petroleum products, he said that he would be obliged.

According to the Nepal Oil Corporation, the demand for cooking lp gas has increased due to the rise in winter yam. Corporation spokesman Baral said that the corporation alone could not do anything because the increase in the value of petroleum products was related to international value.


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